Mick Fitzsimons

Birthplace: Coventry
Age: 36
Position: Midfield/Full Forward
Joined the club: 1997
Scoring this year: 0-0
Former club: Roger Casements (Coventry)
Gaelic hero: Anyone from the Cavan teams of the 1940s
Nickname: Mick Fitz


Mick was part of the team that made the break through in 1998 when the club landed its first championship Started his career as full back, but the older he has got the further he has moved up the field. In his spare time Mick has be known to work as a Wayne Rooney lookalike.

An interesting fact about myself:

At away games Mick is always at the front of the queue when the PIZZA & chips are being handed out.
Scored 0-5 2012.

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