Paul Duffy

Birthplace: Fermanagh
Age: 22
Position: Half Forward
Joined the club: 2012
Scoring this year: 0-0
Former club:
Gaelic hero: Conor Maye
Nickname: Duffy


In his first season at the club Paul established himself as a junior and senior team regular, making a great number of appearances. Paul is one of the most naturally gifted footballers on the team. He joined St Lawrence’s in 2012 after moving to Manchester from his home in Fermanagh. For his home club Paul played in goal and as a result had a great kick. Wanting to play outfield when joining St Lawrence’s his talent at kicking the ball was soon noticed by team management & he became a regular kick taker for St Lawrence’s and has scored many points from free’s.


An interesting fact about myself:

Scored 5-11 in his first Season(2012).

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